A voyage of peace and tranquility

A moment of escape into nature, to get the most out of your time. Forget the stress of daily life, let your heart beat to the natural rhythm of the water slapping gently against the boat. The gentle pace of the barge during the whole journey allows you to commune with nature and the environment.
Listen to the rustling of the leaves in the trees and the song of the cicadas, enjoy the sight of majestic wild ducks and horses along the canal banks, feel the sun caress your skin, breathe in the perfume of wild flowers and mint, enjoy a stroll along the towpaths on the water’s edge either on foot or on a bicycle whilst admiring the spectacle of the setting sun in all its sublime colors.
As night falls, settle down into a lounger, study the stars and listen to the owl’s cry. The rhythm of life during your trip will be – take your time, savor these moments of real peace and listen to what nature has to say to you: calm, rest, serenity. Admire, indulge yourself and succumb to the charms of this lovely region.



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